>> 1991:
Rudi Mattmüller and Dieter Mussler establish inomed Medizintechnik in Freiburg. Product development includes the first stimulation probes for direct nerve stimulation.

>> 1992:
Introduction of the Spembly cryosurgery unit targeted at cold therapy for pain. Development of the first high-frequency ablation catheter for cardiac surgery. Development of high-frequency thermo cannulas for pain therapy.
Introduction of the Neurosign 100 Nerve Monitor for ENT and neurosurgery, enabling surgeons to monitor vocal cords, related nerves and facial nerves using accessories developed by inomed.

>> 1993:
Working with the University of Düsseldorf to develop the first NeuroWacs IOM system for spinal monitoring.
Development of thermo probes for functional cranial interventions.

>> 1994 to 1997:
Development of the bipolar needle electrode for recording the Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve and the vocal muscles.
Working with the University Clinic of Würzburg to develop the EWACS IOM system (based on the Neurosign 100).

>> 1997/1998:
First magnetic stimulator sales in France, followed by Germany.
Development of the NS 60 Neurostimulator, followed by the OSIRIS electrical stimulator.
Development of the NeuroExplorer – leading to the ISIS IOM System – designed to deliver a comprehensive approach to neuromonitoring for all departments.

>> 1999 to 2001:
Introduction of neuromonitoring in cardiac and thoracic surgery.
Cooperation with Mison and first sales of the Sonowand Navigation System.
Development of the CLEO Nerve Monitor in cooperation with Magstim.
Development of microelectrodes.
The combined MicroMacroElectrode is developed to enable precise electrophysiological determination of the anatomical target point during functional cranial interventions.

>> 2002 to 2004:
NeMo Neuro Monitor, designed especially for ENT and vascular surgery.
Re-development of the MicroDrive (MD). The MD and related accessories enable the high-precision positioning of up to five electrodes during deep brain stimulation (DBS).
Development of the ISIS MER System. The system’s dual function (recording and stimulation) is designed to optimize target localization by extracellular recording and deep brain stimulation in the same USB based module.

>> 2005 to 2006:
Development of the AEP Module, a miniaturized measurement module with USB port connection to a personal computer intended for recording Acoustic Evoked Potentials.
New adhesive tube electrodes with a larger surface area for recording EMG signals via a standard and user selected ventilation tube (ET).
First sales of the Stockert GmbH Neuro N50 Lesion Generator for use with electrodes and accessories from inomed.

>> 2007 to 2008:
When used with computer tomography images, the inomed planning software (IPS) delivers the optimum access path for clinicians during stereotactic intervention.
USB Amplifier Module: the newest measurement technology for clinical and scientific application.
The OSIRIS Cortical stimulator is designed for direct cortical stimulation during neurosurgery.

>> 2009:
The new C2 NerveMonitor is specifically developed to monitor the laryngeal nerve during thyroid surgery and the facial nerve during ENT surgery.
The V3 tripolar stimulation electrode is developed by inomed to enable continuous monitoring of the Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve via placement on the Vagus Nerve.

>> 2010:
Inauguration of the purpose built headquarters in Emmendingen. The building also includes the affiliated ARKANA seminar center and benefits from the onsite “Kulinarium” restaurant facility open to the public.

The NeuroExplorer software option enables overlay of relevant images from ISIS IOM measuring windows onto the microscope, using the navigation interface on the OPMI Pentero device from Carl Zeiss.

>> 2011: inomed receives the Rudolf-Eberle Innovation Award from the State of Baden-Württemberg. The award is recognition of the invention and development of the ISIS MER portable System.

>> 2011/12: The integration of the Walter Graphtek company into the Neurological Diagnostics division extends the product portfolio alongside the popular Walter EEG systems.

>> 2013: Release of the C3 CryoSystem for pain treatment, targeted at relieving symptoms of pain by locating and freezing peripheral sensory nerves.

>> 2013: inomed is rated as a “Top 100” company. The award honors inomed for being one of the most innovative medium-sized enterprises in Germany.

>> 2014: Technology for pelvic neuromonitoring is developed, targeted at interventions in the minor pelvis. This includes the resection of colon cancer and other pelvic procedures where nerve preservation is important. pIOM is trademarked and patent registration takes place in Germany.

>> 2015: Laying of the foundation stone for a new wing at the headquarters in Emmendingen.

>> 2016: inomed wins the German Industry Award “Industriepreis Medizintechnik 2016” in the Medical Technology category.

>> 2017:
For inomed Medizintechnik the transfer of knowledge and the professional training of customers and employees is regarded as a particularly important task. Therefore the online training portal 2017 will be established. In the same year, the webshop for retailers is launched.

>> 2018:
The Polish branch "inomed Polska Sp z o.o." celebrates its 10th anniversary. In addition the release of the C2 software for the C2 NerveMonitor.
 This release expands the application area of the C2 by new application areas. This makes the C2 a practical and efficient all-rounder for a wide range of surgical procedures.

In the same year the inomed Group expands: The subsidiaries "iNCU GmbH" and "ARKANA Forum GmbH" are founded. Thus the inomed Group offers independent confirmations for professional service in the application of IONM (iNCU GmbH) and for event management and e-learning (ARKANA Forum GmbH).

>> 2019:
The subsidiaries inomed Inc., USA and inomed SAS, France are founded.