Code of Conduct of the inomed Group


1. Ethical aspects
1.1 Laws
1.2 Bribery / Anti-cartel
1.3 Antitrust law / Fair competition
1.4 Money laundering
1.5 Data protection
2. Human and labor rights
2.1 Human rights
2.2 Diversity and inclusion
2.3 Child labor
2.4 Forced labor and torture
2.5 Securing / Obligation to provide a safe workplace
3. Supply Chain Act
3.1 Supply chains
3.2 Foreign trade
4. Environmental protection
5. Reporting of violations


What is the Code of Conduct of inomed?

Our success is based on a trusting and open cooperation with colleagues, suppliers, customers, and other business partners. inomed is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards in compliance with all applicable laws, standards, and rules, and expects the same from its employees, subsidiaries, and partners.

This Code of Conduct is intended to be used as a benchmark and set as a standard to give our daily work a guideline to act ethically and politically correct. It applies to all who work for and with inomed, such as employees, suppliers, distributors, and sales representatives as well as all other business partners of inomed.

The Code of Conduct of inomed is fundamental and non-negotiable. Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment or contract.

1. Ethical aspects
1.1. Laws
All laws in the country of the company are strictly observed. Suppliers and service providers shall comply with the laws in their respective countries and not commit criminal acts. Additionally, local and international laws and regulations must be followed. National and international trade laws and regulations are always observed. All applicable legal systems are fully complied with.

1.2. Bribery / Anti-cartel
Corruptive behavior during business transactions is not tolerated, practiced or supported in any way. Unfair advantages are neither granted, demanded, promised nor accepted. Corruption is not tolerated, and anti-corruption laws are respected in all countries. Bribes that could influence business decisions or induce others to violate their obligations are strictly prohibited. Possible bribes such as money, hospitality or gifts of an inappropriate amount are not accepted.

1.3. Antitrust law / Fair competition
We are committed to fair competition. We comply with the applicable antitrust laws. All transactions that are contrary to antitrust law are not permitted under any circumstances.

1.4. Money laundering
The process of hiding illegal funds is not tolerated. Attempts to make funds look like legitimately earned funds are not permitted under any circumstances. The use of legitimate means to promote terrorism or crime is prohibited. Any type of money laundering activity is not permitted and must be prevented. There is a duty to prevent money laundering. Only funds from legitimate sources are accepted.

1.5. Data protection
Data protection must always be observed by the company and its partners and no unauthorized data may be passed on to third parties. Personal and confidential information must be protected. Confidential information and the privacy of employees and business partners must be preserved and protected at all costs. Confidential data must be protected from unauthorized access and use. For this purpose, the General Data Protection Regulation and / or the applicable regulations in the respective countries of origin are used as a benchmark.

2. Human and labor rights
2.1. Human rights
Human rights and human dignity must be respected at all costs. The principle of human dignity is our primary mission statement – this should also be the most important mission statement for our suppliers and business partners.

2.2. Diversity and inclusion
Every person is accepted. Age, gender, origin, possible disability, sexual orientation etc. are tolerated in every way independently of each other. Everyone is treated equally and with respect. We also expect this from our suppliers and business partners. Every employee is treated equally and is due respect for his or her fellow human beings. Cultural differences are respected and welcomed. This brings a diversity of many different people. This promotes diversity in the workplace as no one is favored or disadvantaged due to his or her gender or age.

2.3. Child labor
Child labor is not tolerated, supported or promoted in any way. It is our top priority to ensure that no child labor is carried out at our suppliers and business partners and in turn their suppliers and business partners.

2.4. Forced labor and torture
No form of forced labor or torture is tolerated. The employee or business partner is not forced to do anything that he or she does not want to do. Employment is voluntary.

2.5. Securing / Obligation to provide a safe workplace
Work at the workplace must be safe. No one should be endangered or injured. The workplace must be set up in such a way that occupational safety regulations accounted for and a safe and healthy environment is created. Each supplier and business partner is responsible for ensuring that his or her own employees have a safe workplace. The workplace must be free from abuse or harassment and free from harsh and inhumane treatment. Access to drinking water and sanitary facilities must always be ensured and available to every employee.

3. Supply Chain Act
3.1. Supply chains
We renounce all child labor, forced labor, poor working conditions and the destruction of natural resources. The aim is to improve the protection of human rights and their observance in supply chains. Life and health must remain intact. Slavery, torture, forced labor and child labor are prohibited in any form and are strictly forbidden.
Occupational safety and health in the respective countries must be strictly adhered to and appropriate remuneration must be provided. The local minimum wage regulations must be complied with.
Forests, water, and land must not be withdrawn from their owners. To protect human health, environmental obligations are strictly adhered to. We expect our suppliers to comply with the above-mentioned regulations and in turn to oblige their suppliers to comply with these rules. Our aim is to ensure that all supply chains are free from child labor, forced labor, torture, abuse, underpayment, poor working conditions, etc. We want to contribute to ensuring that such acts do not take place and that everyone has an equal opportunity.

3.2. Foreign trade
Compliance with foreign trade laws and regulations is mandatory. Corruption and money laundering must be avoided at all costs both foreign and domestic.

4. Environmental protection
Environmental protection laws shall be followed mitigating damage to the environment. All environmental, health and safety regulations are diligently observed. Waste volumes and emissions are reduced as much as possible. All waste generated is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner to maximize sustainability in the workplace.

5. Reporting of violations
Suspected violations of one or more of the provisions of this Code of Conduct may be reported to the e-mail address compliance(at)


inomed Code of Conduct
As of: March 2022