Facial Surgery

Saving Nerves – Minimizing Risks in Facialis Surgery with the C2 NerveMonitor

During parotid surgery, the facial nerve is at risk. The variety of its fan-shaped structures makes surgical interventions particularly difficult. Neuromonitoring plays a critical role in facial surgery by helping the surgeon localize the nerves and reduce risk of facial nerve trauma.

Facialis monitoring with the C2 NerveMonitor:

During parotid gland surgery the facial nerve is at risk. inomed has developed special ENT software designed to aid surgeons during these procedures. Using the  C2 NerveMonitor >> minimizes the risk of damage to the sensitive nerve branches. The ENT software module >> on the C2 NerveMonitor combines easy handling with maximum functionality.

Facial Nerve Monitoring is used in two ways:

  • Spontaneous EMG activity due to mechanical manipulation or contact of surgical instruments with the facial nerve branches are displayed as digital waveforms accompanied by audible tones.
  • Localization and visualisation of the individual nerve branches within the parotid gland is done by using a hand-held probes to stimulate the nerves electrically. The resulting muscle contractions are also digitally displayed on the console followed by a audible tone.

During thyroid surgery, >> the C2 NerveMonitor can considerably reduce risk of injury of the recurrent laryngeal nerve which controls the vocal cord. The state-of-the-art technology ALM >> (Advanced Laryngeal Monitoring) offers high-precision signal recording.

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