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Compromiseless precision of the inomed stereotactic systems in tradition

Modern functional neurosurgery procedures are now so minimally invasive that they have to be planned and performed with the highest degree of precision. The inomed stereotactic systems are defined by their reliability, precision and stability in their overall function. The fact that the work of the surgeon and the OR team is so simplified - because inomed’s systems are so easy to operate - is one of the qualities of inomed’s stereotactic systems that our customers appreciate most.

As minimally invasive as the procedures in modern functional neurosurgery are - planning and execution must be performed with the highest degree of precision. inomed's stereotactic devices are characterized by their reliability, precision and stability in their overall function. Simplifying the work of surgeons and surgical teams through the ease of use is one of the customer´s most appreciated features of inomed stereotactic systems.

To this day, inomed's stereotactic systems are among the most precise and practical devices on the world market.

Excellent stability for stereotactic procedures

The used ring-based stereotaxic system provides maximum stability. Due to their basic physical properties, rings are superior to all other basic geometric shapes in terms of strength and tolerance. Therefore, the most common sources of error in the field of stereotaxy, are already avoided in the basic concept of our system design.

Stereotactic systems by inomed are the only devices with an advanced target point stimulator. Using the inomed target point simulator, patient specific target planning from the planning station can be measured and verified on the real geometric environment. This is the ideal solution to provide the highest level of patient safety combined with maximum precision. The second and significant practical advantage of the target point simulator is the verification that the instruments in use are functioning properly and are within tolerances before starting the surgical procedure.

Matching systems for optimal patient treatment

To meet customer-specific requirements, inomed offers a selection of stereotactic systems. We offer a choice between the Riechert-Mundinger system (RM >>) and the Zamorano-Dujovny system (ZD >>). These two systems were developed by neurosurgeons focused on optimal patient care.

All inomed systems combine the techniques of classical stereotaxy with the modern needs of stereotactically guided surgery, deep brain stimulation as well as thalamotomy/pallidotomy and stereotactic biopsy.


Wide range of accessories

The RM and ZD stereotactic systems adapt seamlessly with both inomed stereotactic ring units. You can choose between the titanium head ring unit and open ceramic head ring unit. The head ring units are complemented by the compact localization sets which are compatible with both CT and MRI.

With inomed products for stereotactic surgery, you will profit from the reliability of a system in which the function of all individual components is perfectly coordinated.


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