All accessories are specially designed for a seamless interaction between patient and machine.

For thyroid and facial surgery, our electrodes offer high quality producing reliable neurophysiological signals for improved outcomes.


Disposable Electrodes

Laryngeal Electrodes


Our electrodes can be attached to an endotracheal tube to record EMG signals using 8 contacts offering 360 degrees of coverage.

Disposable SDN Electrodes

Subdermal Needle Electrodes

Subdermal Needle Electrodes (SDN electrodes) allow an easy and reliable recording of EMG signals.
For different applications inomed Medizintechnik GmbH offers a variety of electrodes in different shapes and lengths for all applications that may be encountered.

The SDN Electrodes have a 1.5 mm touchproof connector and are sterilized with ETO for single use only.

Disposable Stimulation Probes

Disposable stimulation probes are sterilized with ETO for single use only.
All probes have a 3 m cable and 1.5 mm touchproof connector.


Bipolar Stimulation Probes

Monopolar Stimulation Probes


Connecting Cables / Adapter Cables



Further Accessories


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