High-precision neuromonitoring in thyroid surgery

The C2 NerveMonitor - optimized for daily use in the OR

The C2 NerveMonitor was specially developed for high-precision intraoperative neuromonitoring during thyroid surgery. This makes the C2 NerveMonitor a true specialist for operations in the field of thyroid surgery.

With hand-held probes, the C2 NerveMonitor enables direct neurostimulation and is therefore a useful tool for locating and testing the function of the recurrent laryngeal nerve. >>

ALM - State-of-the-art technology for maximum reliability

Reliable nerve monitoring of the laryngeal nerve is provided by the innovative ALM technology >> for advanced laryngeal monitoring in thyroid surgery: It offers an intelligent complete solution for precise and reliable recurrent laryngeal nerve monitoring. ALM technology leverages the collaborative effects of the C2 NerveMonitor and C2 Channel Select software to provide a seamless monitoring technique. The intuitive user guidance of the C2 allows the surgeon to concentrate more on monitoring the nerves. The C2 Channel Select software module, specially developed for thyroid surgery, automatically selects the strongest signal.



  • Easy Handling
  • Clear depiction of muscle response in the form of EMG waveforms
  • In combination with the Laryngeal Electrode Select: Channel Select software for optimal signal quality in thyroid surgery
  • Premium speakers
  • Integrated patient database
  • Barcode scanner for patient ID input

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