RM - the world' s most precise stereotactic system

The inomed RM system: High precision made in Germany

The Riechert Mundinger (RM) system is the only stereotactic system on the market that offers three fixation points. These result in a very high level of precision and stability of the device. Due to its unique design, the RM forms an uncompromising accuracy in stereotactic surgery. Thus, the RM is considered the most precise stereotactic system in the world.

inomed's RM system is based on the polar coordinate principle, which was developed by the two renowned experts in the field of stereotaxy Prof. Traugott Riechert and Prof. Fritz Mundinger.

The probe mount of the RM aiming arm offers a high level of mechanical precision. A broad range of accessories provides a universal use of the RM system in the modern stereotaxy service.

Stereotactic system with maximum precision

The high accuracy of the inomed RM system was specially developed to meet the requirements of interventions in functional neurosurgery. The configuration can be easily adjusted for stereotactic brachytherapy. The RM system´s accuracy and stability make it the first choice, especially for procedures in functional neurosurgery.

Variable trajectories allow many approaches

The RM targeting device allows the neurosurgeon to precisely reach any point in the working range of the RM system in the brain. It is possible to mount the RM in both positive and negative orientation. The standard positive mounting is used for all accesses in the frontal and parietal cranial region. With negative mounting of the RM system, the posterior fossa and pituitary gland can also be reached.

Precise setting due to vernier scale

To achieve the required high precision, Vernier scales are mounted on the corresponding scales of the RM system. The Vernier scale is used to adjust frame parameters in a sub-degree resolution providing a final sub-millimeter precision of the reached target point.


  • Polar coordinate system
  • 5 adjustment parameters for highest accuracy
  • Vernier scale for sub-millimeter precision
  • Three fixation points for superior stability
  • Target point verification with target point simulator
  • Adaptation of MicroDrive possible
  • 280 mm working length


  • Deep Brain Stimulation
  • Pallidotomy
  • Thalamotomy
  • Brachytherapy
  • Stereotactic biopsy
  • SEEG depth electrodes

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